The Journey team

A collection of details #3

AUTHOR: The Journey team
  • You can now sort the columns of "Recent Journeys" on the Dashboard

  • We now show more Journeys from the Dashboard (from 8 to 12)

  • We've made various copy easier to read by making it less wide

  • Added even more spotlight tooltips

  • We've polished our tables — better column widths and reversed our zebra stripes (!)

  • Even more :hover interactions

  • Fixed some broken icons

  • Reworded some copy and removed some stray periods.

  • Whenever a date is used it's a consistent format

  • Toasts now have more consistent padding

  • We've tightened how Avatars and Organization logos are rendered in the top left of the editor

  • Copying a referral link now closes the Referral panel - try it!

  • Lots of little color tweaks

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