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Meet the new editor

AUTHOR: The Journey team

Today we ship a radically redesigned Journey editor.

We've iterated and improved all aspects of creating a Journey and are delighted to hear what you think. There are a few new features we're especially proud of:

Synced Steps

A common complaint we had was users adding a step of content to one Journey, adding that content to a different Journey, and then changing that second step, and being confused because the initial Journey would also change. We're fixing this with Synced Steps.

Synced Steps are steps that remain in sync across all Journeys they're used. So if you have a calendar or a product demo that you're using frequently — make it a synced step, and then you can update all steps at once.

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Organization Templates

Organization Templates are Journeys that can be re-used over and over again. You can take any existing Journey and transform it into an Organization Template. Then, when creating a new Journey, you have the option to use this template as a starting point.

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We're also excited by the combination of these features.

For example if you make an Organization Template that includes synced steps, if you update that synced step it will retroactively update all Journeys that use that template (and any others using that step) whereas if you make an Organization Template of content steps, each time you use that Template the content can change dramatically — and other Journeys will not be affected.

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